Funding Youth Education Today for the Demands We Already Face

The Bradán Lane Foundation is established to contribute to public charities which support underprivileged youth through technical education, academic learning, occupational skills training, and apprenticeships.

Grant Purpose

Special consideration is given to programs with tran-disciplinary approaches and addressing the needs of youth, who are disadvantaged economically, geographically, culturally, environmentally, or through gender conformity expectations. The foundation is in support of programs which help young people become productive, healthy adults.

Our giving strategy focuses on three categories:

Funding uses: Individuals and team focused education, skills development, and project centric learning

The Bradán Lane Foundation provides grants to public charities to conduct activities which align with the foundation's described strategy. The Bradán Lane Foundation does not conduct these activities directly.

The Bradán Lane Foundation provides grants to public charities to conduct activities within their facilities or geographic area. The Bradán Lane Foundation does not provide facilities or infrastructure for the public charities' work.

Important Message

We are just starting with the Bradán Lane Foundation. The entire process is new and we expect there will be some road bumps as we get familiar with receiving, reviewing, and awarding grants.

Because we are just starting, we have kept individual grant awards to $1000 to $5000. This is a positive choice for both the foundation and grant recipients. We understand that not all applicant programs will achieve their goals. We want to work together to make you successful. We also want to work together to learn and improve.

Initially, the Bradán Lane Foundation review committee anticipates awarding 5-10 grants for each grant period. These are not firm numbers. the committee will evaluate each application on its own merits. Both the number of grants and the size of grants will change over time. However, in the beginning, we wish to keeps things smaller to allow us to be more flexible and to learn how best to deliver on the foundation's goals.

We are excited to see the impact your education programs make for today's disadvantage youth.

Grant Process

Grant amount: US $1,000 - US $5,000

Applications are accepted year-round. There are two grant periods:

Incomplete applications will not be considered. The foundation will attempt to notify applicants of errors or omissions in applications, however there is no guarantee the notification will allow for resubmitting within the same grant period.

Applications which fall within the 'ineligibility' list will not be considered

Applications are reviewed by the board of directors. In the event of a larger volume of applications than may reasonably be reviewed by the board, the board will select an independent advisory group to review applications and promote the most appropriate candidates to the board for review and consideration.

The board of directors has the final decision of grant offers.

Prior to grant distribution, each grant will be required to complete and sign the grant agreement. Additionally, each grant recipient will be required to submit records of how the funds have been used and the impact on the grant proposal goals along with their own assessment of success or failure to meet the goals.

To submit a grant request, please download and complete the grant application form and submit it along with the required and optional supporting documents to gro.noitadnuofenalnadarb@snoitacilppa.

Application Criteria

Grant Requirements:

Bradán Lane Foundation will not make grants to fund: