Funding Youth Education Today for the Demands We Already Face

The Bradán Lane Foundation is established to contribute to public charities which support underprivileged youth through technical education, academic learning, occupational skills training, and apprenticeships.

Special consideration is given to programs with tran-disciplinary approaches and addressing the needs of youth, who are disadvantaged economically, geographically, culturally, environmentally, or through gender conformity expectations. The foundation is in support of programs which help young people become productive, healthy adults.

Our giving strategy focuses on three categories:

Funding uses: Individuals and team focused education, skills development, and project centric learning


The Bradán Lane Foundation provides grants to public charities to conduct activities which align with the foundation's described strategy. The Bradán Lane Foundation does not conduct these activities directly.

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The Bradán Lane Foundation is a private foundation with an active board of directors representing a broad spectrum of skills and experience to manage the foundation and grant award process.

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The Bradán Lane Foundation posts financial statements and 990-PFs to the site as they become available.

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